Even abroad, you can feel that special Friday energy. A friend invited me for an afternoon coffee with some gooey gluten-free brownies… so, of course, I brought along an essential addition for a Friday afternoon.

60.9% Red Snake— a single malt from an exceptional single cask, matured in an ex-bourbon cask and finished in a Barbados rum cask. But don’t be mistaken, the sweetness is super delicate, not overloaded with sugar. I wonder if this means it spent more than 9-12 months in the rum cask, absorbing more from the wood? Doc, am I on the right track? 🤔 Or maybe I’m in the right direction but the opposite way?

Age is just a number… Bottle 15 of 18 😅 A special edition for the Doc No pressure

On the nose, there’s butter, oiliness On the palate, salty earthiness I thought I caught some smoke at first, now on the third sip, I’m not sure anymore You can feel the ex-bourbon chill where the spirit aged before the rum. The rum’s sweetness is very subtle and hinted at You can feel it at the back of the tongue. You don’t feel the alcohol, but you do feel a long, warm aftertaste with a bit of bitterness.

My friend was astonished (and finished a third of the bottle with me), ‘How can you combine sweetness with smoke like this?! It’s perfect.’ I wasn’t sure about the smoke but definitely the saltiness, and I told her, see, there you go. And thanks to Ishai Kleiman for another elegant creation 👑 In the picture below, a selection of yeasts and someone peeking and saying, ‘Those who look at me from behind don’t know who I am.’


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