About Redhead Whiskey

Hi, I am Alin and I really like whiskey. Exploring whisky and alcohol history, processes, flavors, geography is one of my biggest pleasures and I hope you join me for the experience! Redhead Whiskey was born out of a time of personal challenges (divorce) and world crisis (Covid) and I hope it lights your world and bring you good friendships as it did to me. 

I offer whiskey clubs, prohibition tours and tasting events. Feel free to contact me on any of those on my contact page or directly on alinwagner55@gmail.com

Why do I like Whiskey?

I am Alin, I got 2 kids and a dog, I head marketing for a fashion company and my biggest passion is whiskey. I started my journey of Whiskey 20 years ago. I lived in London and would bring different whiskeys to my dad when I visited him in Israel. We’d have a Macallan or a Glenfiddich together and talk about life. Then he passes and I found that drinking a nice whiskey connected me with his memory and his legacy of living life to the fullest.

2 years after his passing a dear colleague of mine invited me to a whiskey tasting. I was drinking sweet whiskeys at the time and didn’t know how my life is going to change. We went to a Laphroaig tasting – this blew my mind. I tasted genious smokey peated flavors and a door opened in my mind. First of all I couldn’t believe these flavors of iodine, earth and hospital can be so amazingly delicious, and more importantly I learned whiskey is the only drink that can taste so beautifully delicious with chocolatey Macallan flavors as well as peaty smoky Laphroaig flavors. Do you know any drink that is that versatile?

Then came COVID and I found myself buying interesting bottles I wanted to try and share with friends. I then realized I had so many friends who love and enjoy whiskey and thought it would be nice to set up a small sharing group. I thought we’d be 7-15 people. Within 3 months, 100 people joined.

Today I have 3 whiskey clubs and I run many tasting events. I keep exploring learning, exploring and enjoying the world of alcohol and I invite you to join me on this journey.

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In memory of my parents

Both my parents passed too soon and both enjoyed the art of great food and unique drinks, each in their own way. 

My dad taught me to enjoy life. He did it by being the most generous person ever and really enjoyed helping other people. He was the most kind, sensitive and people-loving person you’d meet.

My mom loved the good life and though she chose a more modest quiet path to enjoy, she too taught me to enjoy myself and the gifts of the world.

I am lucky both have left me one extra parent, my dad’s wife, to keep reminding me that we all must live our best life yet. 

Redhead Whiskey holds the value of enjoying everything life has to offer – responsibly, while giving back – and of creating communities and connecting people together through intellectual, sensual, social experiences. 

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Redhead Whiskey Club is alive and kicking in its best form thanks to..

Ohad, Tani, Igor, Ishai, Shelly, Elad, Ariel, Micha

I am extremely lucky to have the above great minds backing redhead whiskey, growing it, supporting it. 

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