Yesterday, we had a fantastic event in Hoboken, New Jersey, fully sponsored by Jim Beam. With their help, we hosted an event with cool bottles, amazing spice at an art gallery, and brought in rich and tantalizing catering.

We explored Jim Beam distillery from its early days in 1795 to the first single malt they released this year. We met the folks behind the bottles: James, Booker, Noe, and others, and learned a bit about the distillery. Three million barrels in their warehouses—that’s the main number that stuck with me.

From the tastings, my favorites were the Jim Beam Black 7 Years and the Booker’s Barrel Strength. They had both sweetness and an impressive nutty presence. No wonder they share the same mash bill and the same yeast.

I liked the others less. Basil Hayden’s is not for me, and the Knob Creek Rye was super spicy. I think anyone who loves rye—looking at you, Dror—would love it! I’m less into spices, and it created chaos in my mouth.

The single malt recently launched to align with the new wave of single malts in the US felt underdeveloped to me. It seemed rushed, a bit green and punchy, lacking the necessary roundness. But with the budgets they have, they’ll probably get there. It’s what you’d call a preliminary contract draft.

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