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Whiskey Adventure: Crafting a Prohibition Tour in Manhattan

One of the whiskey adventures I’ve been working on in recent months is designing a tour in Manhattan focused on one of the most exciting periods in American history—the Prohibition era. Yesterday, we did a test run with some friends from the Whiskey Club, and it was simply delightful. Two […]

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Barrell Bourbon: The Rising Star in Corn Whisky

Next week, the Whiskey Club will welcome Barrell Bourbon, a brand rising like a meteoric star in the world of corn whisky. As a diligent student, I’m studying the material thoroughly 🌽, or at least trying to. I’ve already mentioned them here a few times. Aside from the price, which […]

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A Surprise Tasting After the Prohibition Tour Test

Yesterday, at the end of a test run for the Prohibition tour, we found ourselves at Tomo’s bar, where I plan to finish every tour with a tasting of Glenfarclas 10. Everyone had already dispersed, and it was just Tanny, my beloved, and me, absorbing the feelings of this new […]

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Whisky Tasting Evening: Discovering Lochlea and Penderyn

Listen, the beauty of these experiences is that we are all tabula rasa. We don’t know or understand the reputation of a distillery or a particular region in Scotland. We come to taste, and it was simply wonderful. The two Davids were fantastic speakers. They weren’t overwhelming or theatrical. They […]

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Honoring Astrud Gilberto with a Sip of Balvenie 16

Since I won’t be able to delve into the amazing experience everyone will have at Gil Firth’s closed distilleries workshop this week, I’ll dive into a different topic… Last week, we lost Astrud Gilberto, the Brazilian singer who brought samba and bossa nova to us in the most accessible way. […]

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An Evening with Koji-Infused Japanese Whisky

On Thursday evening, we hosted George at the Whiskey Club for a Japanese whisky night themed around Koji. I know Koji the dog, but what on earth is Koji? As it turns out, Koji, which the Doc 😍 has mentioned several times, is a type of mold applied to rice […]

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One of the Coolest Whiskey Gifts Ever

One of the coolest whiskey-related gifts I’ve ever received, of course, was from Elad Jt during one of his visits. It was a scratch-off poster where you reveal each whisky you’ve tasted by scratching it off under your belt. This was ages ago, but I remember Elad telling me that […]

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