Amidst the unbearable pain of the past three weeks, we had an incredibly emotional event that, for me, was a monumental highlight in my whiskey journey. After a year and a half of courting, Laphroaig came to us. I debated whether to hold the event and how we could even gather when Israel and Israelis are in such pain. Even here abroad, especially in my hardcore Israeli area, the world stopped three weeks ago. We focus only on the war all day, volunteering, fundraising, coordinating, hosting families that have arrived, and demonstrating. Not to mention the terrifying and horrible displays of antisemitism. There is nothing else but this.

In the end, we decided to hold the event, not just because it was Laphroaig, but mainly because everyone really needed to sit together for a hug.

What can I tell you? I don’t think any other brand, and through the presentation by the wonderful ambassador, could have brought about healing—even for just an hour—like Simon and Laphroaig did for us. For two hours, we escaped, simply escaped. Into a world of togetherness.

Simon, dressed in a kilt, representing the brand for years, whom I saw on that fateful afternoon in 2016 at a Laphroaig tasting that changed my life—and from what I hear, changed the lives of many others—comes from an acting background. Throughout the evening, he sang love songs of drunken Scots, and we sang along with him.

We tasted the basic expressions, the 10 and 10 Sherry Oak, the wonderful Lore, Cairdeas 2023, and Cairdeas 2018, which Simon knew I loved the most… Besides the Cairdeas, which is the heaviest and most refined peat I know, Mike Tyson with watercolor brushstrokes, I was really impressed with the Lore. Lore, which I already knew I loved, but didn’t realize how much.

Five casks Two sherry casks Two ex-bourbon casks One new American oak cask Take, blend, and drink in big sips

The world has turned black and white. Those ‘on my side’ and those who see me as an enemy. There is immense hatred, and there is healing love. In these days of a new world order, when someone like Simon comes and comforts me with Laphroaig and tells me he feels my pain, then all the love I had until now is distilled into 100% loyalty.


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