Alright, I’m on my way home, and already the Governor of New Jersey has declared a flood emergency. So, I’m asking for the public’s help in praying for my basement, which holds many records (the whiskey is not there, don’t worry) and is at risk of flooding… Hoping I don’t come home to a meter of water in the basement 🫠.

This has been an unprecedented visit for me. I was supposed to join my boss for a few hours, and it turned into three whole days at the office until at least 7 PM, followed by more meetings. It was challenging and fun, and I also received some out-of-this-world treats from the bottles I had kept here from Omef Ganor and Ishai Kleiman.

Before the flight, I needed something sweet and rich, so I opened the Craigellachie 16 (?), which received a five-year finish in a Ruby Port cask. Wow, it’s full-bodied and you can really taste it—perfect for those who love sweetness. I hope to return in a few months to see how it has developed.

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