Are there people out there who go to sleep and dream about whisky? Last night, I dreamt about Glenfarclas 16 105 60% Limited Edition, which was released yesterday in honor of Burns Night 🤦‍♀️. I woke up to a Friday workday with the taste of sherry already in my mouth and nose 🙂.

So, Friday, a regular workday here in the U.S., but not where I live—a completely Israeli area. The challah is rising, the pots are heating up, and Shimi Tavori and Shoshana Damari are playing. I hope to visit in March because I really miss it, especially now.

So, what are we tasting? Good things from good friends ❤️ who already know me well. Boutique-y Ardmore 19 48.7% Batch 3 Gentle smoke, ‘Bowmore-y’ if I had to describe it in my own language. On the nose, a slight sweetness with flirtatious hints of smoke. Very delicate. On the palate, the smoke fully reveals itself, ‘Hello, hello, here I am!’ but not aggressively, more like a British gentleman 🎩. There’s a bit of gentle spiciness. Everything here is gentle, soft, and caressing—the smoke, the spice, the sweetness. The aftertaste is also gentle, as if saying, ‘It was a tough week, but it will be okay.’ It will be okay 🥃. Shabbat Shalom and lots of love.

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