Today marks my father’s birthday, though he has not been with us physically for nine years. He raised me with a love for cask strength whisky, and the results are evident today. Today is also the date when my ex moved out, and I began a new chapter in my life.

To honor this significant date, I decided to open, with reverence and great love, a bottle of Macallan Black—thanks to you-know-who 🐎🧡. My father loved Macallan, and I always made sure to bring him a bottle from London every time I visited. We would both enjoy two or three glasses together in the evening, and in the morning, we’d wonder who finished the bottle? 🫣 Oops… Folktales say the bottle ‘smoked by mistake’. The taste is quintessential Macallan, but the depth is different—richer and deeper than other Macallans I’ve tasted, with a hint of smoke that’s truly delicate and subtle. The sweetness is spiced with a touch of salt from the gentle smoke. A beautiful thing.


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