How fo I begin to sum up in words a week’s trip that changed my life? Impossible.
But I’ll do it anyway 😀
cause you know me 🤓📝🚜

Participating in the Springbank Whisky school proved to me once again the business of community in whisky, and was another layer of the ‘whisky onion’ to explain to myself why I’m madly drawn to it.


Springbank is a relatively small distillery with not much marketing, if any. In an era of TikTok, how is it located at the top of the whisky world? Whiskys that trade for thousands of dollars and are so hard to find?

Me & the Barley

The phenomenal success is a result of 2 variables : the product and the tight community that is built and nurtured! Around it. A Product that’s been made the same way for years, with hard working !! Hands that take care of the process from grain to packaging, keeping the human touch as well as highest standard and not letting an inch go. A business that’s a community that starts with the farmer, goes through the loyal invested and knowledgable staff , the label designer who’s been there 30 years, ends with a massive fan base that waits for years and invests much to come and taste and learn. I met some great people and regardless of personal views, culture, education, language – we all had tremendous time together thanks to the immense pleasure and satisfaction that’s in the work and appreciation of 🥃 In the age of plastic and templates – there’s no replacement to the human touch and connection. 100% Values that bring loyalty.

With Gavin, Production Manager at Springbank Distillery

I came to Springbank School to better understand the process of making the golden water of life, I came back with a much deeper appreciation of how it’s made, as well as a reinforcement that success is built and flourished on an invested community. It’s all about the people.

Good people make good whisky 🥃

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