Today, I conducted a private Prohibition tour for a group of 16 people to celebrate a birthday, and I had the pleasure of tasting the Glenfarclas 105 (which is actually 120 proof) and the Glenfarclas 21 from my current favorite distillery—Glenfarclas ❤️.

The cask strength was wonderful and light, with no hint that it was 60%. As for the 21-year-old… in my opinion, it deserves a gold medal 🥇 for perfection among all the Glenfarclas expressions I’ve tasted so far, except for one 🤫. It is sweet and rich, just right, without being overwhelming. The 10-year-old is too thin, and the 25-year-old is missing something. The 17 and 21 are perfect with their light fruity sweetness.

Gute Nacht.


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