Private/Corporate Tasting Events

One of the reasons I love whiskey so much, is thanks to its unique ability to bring people together with a good story, a flavorful experience, and a little of that magic to help people open up and connect. It’s intellectual, social, sensual. That’s why I enjoy offering corporate and private tasting events – people come together, doors are opened in their minds for new flavors, new connections. It’s a kind of magic…

The essence of a private tasting is the personal touch. We can decide together on a theme that’s best for your group and curate a selection of whiskeys that tells a story or represents a theme, whether it’s exploring whiskeys around the world, tracing the journey of a specific distillery or exploring the nuances between single malts and blends. I also offer special events for valentines day (coupled with chocolate) or international women’s day (telling the story of women behind famous whiskeys) – the options for good stories to introduce whiskey to beginners, or deep dive for connoisseurs – are endless. Coupled with the right ambiance these events become unforgettable experiences.

Whether it’s a private event such as a birthday celebration, or a corporate event celebrating year end or team building, we can work together on a selection of bottles to tell the story of whiskey. Whatever Masterclass is chosen, together we will uncover the meaning of the name Whiskey, the history of the drink, how do we drink for optimal experience. We can create a specific panel fitting your specific theme and participants level of experience.

Contact me and let’s make it a special day for you and your group.

Alin Wagner Whiskey Tastings for a school fundraiser

אלין וגנר רד הד וויסקי ארועי טעימות
private whiskey tasting event

Alin Wagner's whiskey private tasting event at our house, exceeded all expectations! From the moment we started the event, Alin's knowledge and enthusiasm for whiskey were unmistakable. Her carefully curated selection of whiskeys from around the world showcased the diversity and complexity of this beloved spirit. What truly set this event apart was the sense of community that Alin fostered among us. We found ourselves engage in interesting conversations, swapping tasting notes, and strengthening friendships over our shared love for whiskey. If you're looking for an unforgettable whiskey experience that combines education, entertainment, and friendship, look no further than Alin Wagner's tastings. Trust us, you won't want to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to explore the world of whiskey with a true expert.

Zach & Nurit Zilca

Alin Wagner Whiskey Tastings for a school fundraiser

Our whiskey tasting event was an absolute hit, thanks to your expertise and engaging instruction! Your ability to educate and entertain simultaneously captivated our audience, leaving everyone with a newfound appreciation for fine spirits. We received glowing feedback from participants who thoroughly enjoyed the experience—your contribution truly elevated our event to new heights!

Tania Manco,

Edward H Bryan School PTA

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