On Friday, I had the honor of delivering an exclusive premium version of my “Whiskey Around the World” workshop. This private event was a birthday celebration for a special individual, attended by 16 of their closest friends. We delved into the essence of whiskey and its unique expression in different countries. It was a privilege to present such distinguished bottles.

Every time I host an event, I’m reminded of the encouraging words from Elad and Yishai when I started this journey two years ago. They told me this was my calling, and today, I embrace this role with immense joy and pride.

Red Spot 15 A delightful trio of 15-year-old barrels, each contributing to its rich complexity. Marsala, Sherry, and Bourbon casks each add a unique layer. The triple distillation process refines the flavors remarkably, allowing the alcohol to shine subtly. This bottle is a masterpiece. I even did a bit of research, asking ChatGPT about barrel aging—pro tip: always double-check your sources!

Balvenie 19 Choosing this bottle was a thoughtful process. After consulting with a knowledgeable friend, I decided on the 19-year-old over the 21. This bottle holds a special place as it was the first crafted by Kelsey McKechnie, under the mentorship of Sir David Stewart. Part of the “Whiskey Stories” series, it pays tribute to Balvenie’s Inn House Cooperage. Its light chestnut color is captivating. The flavor is a balanced symphony of earthiness and richness, a mature and refined sherry influence. Truly an amazing bottle!

Hibiki Harmony Blossom 2022 This whiskey is a visual and sensory delight, with its golden brown hue and complex flavors. Aged in cherry blossom barrels, it offers a sweet and sour profile with hints of peach and floral notes. Though some might find it light for a whiskey, its elegance is undeniable. The bottle, adorned with 100 cherry blossom flowers, is a work of art.

Blanton’s What can I say about Blanton’s? The charming cowboy of American whiskey, aged 6-8 years in Warehouse H. Each sip is a caramel delight, both on the nose and palate—a candy like no other.

Milk & Honey Dead Sea At 55.6%, this Israeli whiskey embodies the distillery’s philosophy of aging in extreme climate conditions. The contrast between the salty mouthfeel and the sweet nose is striking. Here on the East Coast, it’s one of the boldest whiskeys you’ll find.

Finally, we also enjoyed an Indian whiskey (not pictured), further showcasing the global diversity of this remarkable spirit.

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