Last Friday, I was invited to do the basic workshop I deliver, ‘Whiskey around the world’, in the premium version. I’m so thankful til this moment to have had the opportunity to present and taste these:

Red Spot 15 ♥️

Three 15-year-old barrels from the married Marcela, Sherry and X Barbon

Sweet!!! but The triple distillation greatly refines the flavors, and the alcohol is noticeable despite the low percentagee – a wonderful bottle

The Balvenie 19 🪵

Here I consulted with Omef Ganor about the most suitable choice and in general I was debating between this and the 21

Omer taught me that this was the first bottle to come out under the hands of Kelsey, current malt master trained by Sir Dave Stewart. The whisky from the Whisky Stories series that each time pays tribute to someone else in the distillery. This time the tribute was to Balvenie’s Inn House Cooperage, where the barrels are built as well as the experiences 🙂

Its color is an amazing light chestnut

This is the bottle that surprised me the most. It has earthiness and dirt coupled together with richness and delicacy of taste, it’s sherry but in the most balanced and balanced, mature version! and responsible for it – Amazing bottle!

Hibiki harmony blossom 2022 🍒🌸

Golden brown texture like the sun!

Hibiki’s blend, with one difference – it’s aged in cherry blossom sakura barrels – delicious! It sucks that these bottles come at ridiculous prices. Sweet and sour taste, there is a drop of peach, a drop of flowers – really light! Someone said ‘It tastes the best to me but it didn’t feel like whiskey’

There are 100 cherry blossom flowers on the box… the design is crazy

Blantons 🙂🐎

Do I need to say more?

The charming cowboy from the USA

Single barrel aged 6-8 years in one of the few H aging warehouses that have climate control

Caramel in the nose, caramel in the mouth, a candy like no other

Milk and Honey 🍯 I chose the Dead Sea

At 55.6% it faithfully represents the distillery’s philosophy of aging in challenging climate conditions. The saltiness in the mouth is in complete contrast to the sweet delicacy in the nose. Here on the east coast he is one of the strongest.

Was a tremendous event 🥃

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