I had the opportunity to travel an hour-plus west to meet with the Beam Suntory representative and the legendary brand ambassador, Simon Brooking, and taste a single cask of Laphroaig, aged 10 years in Oloroso. 59.8%. Accompanying me on the trip was Yariv Saranga, and together we ventured into the depths of Jersey to taste some sweet Laphroaig.

The cask was selected by the Chatham Wine Merchants Association (yes, exactly), a small chain of three stores. Each store chose a different cask. One store selected an ex-bourbon cask, another chose a PX cask, and the third, the one we visited, chose an Oloroso cask.

What can I tell you?! What an experience! The smoke and peat are relatively gentle, and the Oloroso is definitely present. With all the heaviness of Laphroaig, I happily enjoyed 3-4 glasses. Such peaty sweetness, perfection! I won’t tell you how many bottles I bought because I don’t want to remind myself.

And Simon, what a performer. He should be the role model for every ambassador here.


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