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This Day in Whiskey History: International Bootlegger Day!

If yesterday we marked the date when Prohibition was enforced, today we celebrate one of the key roles that played a part in resisting Prohibition—the bootleggers. Those of you who invested your best fortunes in stores like “The Third Ear” and “The Hole in the Black” are familiar with the […]

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This Day in Whiskey History: Remembering George Garvin Brown

Today, we commemorate 107 years since the death of George Garvin Brown, the man behind Old Forester and the Brown-Forman Corporation. Brown, with Old Forester, brought about the standardization of quality at a time when whiskey was classified as ‘medicine’ and there was no regulation on what could be added […]

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This Day in Whiskey History! Blantons

Today, on February 28th, we celebrate the 143rd birthday of Colonel Albert Blanton, after whom one of the most coveted bourbon bottles in the world is named—Blanton’s! What makes Blanton’s so special? First of all, the Blanton’s bottle was born in 1984 by Blanton’s apprentice, Elmer T. Lee, who also […]

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