Next week, the Whiskey Club will welcome Barrell Bourbon, a brand rising like a meteoric star in the world of corn whisky. As a diligent student, I’m studying the material thoroughly 🌽, or at least trying to.

I’ve already mentioned them here a few times. Aside from the price, which has only gone up (by 30% to threefold) in the past year, they won the award for Best Bourbon of 2022 (3rd place). So, I think bourbon enthusiasts in Israel should start paying attention—and maybe opening their wallets—to this brand.

In short, Barrell offers blends of unique casks at cask strength. A few good friends with whom I shared the distillate loved it—besides the corn sweetness, there’s also the sweetness from the finishing casks, like cabernet, rum, etc. You don’t even feel the cask strength that touches 60% plus.

I’ll delve deeper into this over the weekend and come back with conclusions after the tasting evening.


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