Arran & LAGG distilleries visiting Redhead Whiskey clubs, brining sherry and smoke to us to indulge in!

Arran has been one of the top distilleries I have been wanting to explore. It’s reputation of beautiful mouthful spirits and the very solid established placement as top whiskey to find in auctions and stores (when you can find it) are of the few reasons why, but primarily because all whiskey geeks I know are praising it left right and center! In addition to the Arran tasting masterclass, we’ll have a chance to get introduced to its smoking hot sister – LAGG that brings with it smokey flavors that we love so much. I had a chance to meet LAGG in the London 2023 whiskey show and they are fantastic. The event will be presented by Sunita of Hotaling & Co, a fantastic presenter that I am very much looking forward to know in person and learn from. The event, which has already sold out n Bergen, will also be at the Hoboken and NYC.

$55 per person 

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