30 Jan 2024: Barrell Bourbon - Hoboken Whiskey Club

barrell bourbon whiskey club


Join us on our first meetup for 2024 in Hoboken, to meet the booming brand that excells in the art of Blending. We hosted Barrell early in Sep 2023 and it was a phenomenal experience. Cask Strength blends with lucious finishes.

Date: 30 Jan 2024

Time: 8pm

Tickets are $55 per-person on venmo or zelle (email me alinwagner55@gmail.com).
Location is in Hoboken and given to registered visitors only.

Here's a little about Barrell from their site:
"Louisville-based Barrell Craft Spirits is the original, pre-eminent independent blender of unique, aged, cask strength whiskey and rum. Recognized for our blending expertise since 2013, we skillfully design, produce, and launch award-winning, unique products that surprise and delight whiskey aficionados and novices alike. Our cask-strength small-batch and single-barrel releases have quickly become an influencing force in American whiskey, winning awards from the world’s most prestigious distilled spirits publications and competitions.

Our mission is to remain the most innovative, progressive, and respected blenders in the nation, by making bold choices and pushing the creative envelope every day to showcase the world’s most exciting spirits.."

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