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I offer  high-end whisky tasting experiences, bringing people together while telling the stories and tasting luscious flavors of whisky. We will explore the story of ‘uisce beatha’ , “Water of Life” in Gaelic, or as we call it: whisky, as a multi sensory experience – of the smell, taste, touch. The story of whisky will be told from several angles including historical, political, geographical, all while tasting different expressions and bottles to try and get the widest array of flavors.  It’s an intellectual, social & sensual celebration!

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Each event offers 5 tastings on a flight mat plus one “secret” tasting, so a total of 6 tastings.  Each tasting is led by a theme that’s chosen by you. There are several ‘themes’ to choose from and you can tailor one for a special occasion! Here are a few examples. 

  • The 6 regions of whisky in Scotland – tasting whisky from each region to uncover its unique characteristics and see how it represents the terroir, history etc. 
  • The women behind whiskies we love (for international women’s day 3/8 ) – visiting Bessie Williamson from Laphroaig, Rachel Berry from GlenDronach/Benriach/GlenGlassaugh, and more!
  • Whiskies Around the World – tasting whisky from Scotland, Ireland, US, Japan, India to see the difference. 
  • The presentation/tasting can be tailored to be relevant to a special date e.g. Valentine’s tasting was about the love stories behind famous whisky brands.

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