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Join me every other Saturday as I tour the Lower East Side to uncover one of the most important times in the history of the US – Prohibition. Prohibition was one of the shortest and most significant eras shaping the USA as a nation and New York as a city: 13 years after the moment they introduced a law prohibiting the production and sale of alcohol into the constitution, it was removed in disgrace. During a stroll through the Lower East Side neighborhood, accompanied by delicious and uplifting sips, you will discover the many layers of a period in which drinking was prohibited, but actually resulted in a huge flourishing of the culture of food, music and pleasure, and you will specifically understand the role of New York in these moves! 

I run both Hebrew and English tours, scheduled or private, starting April 6 2024 running all the way to October 2nd 2024, on Saturdays only. Private tours can be made on Thursdays and Fridays as well. 

Contact me for private tours here:

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I recently went on the Prohibitions Tour in NYC with Alin Wagner, and I wanted to share my positive experience. The tour guide was knowledgeable and engaging, and the route took us to fascinating locations related to the Prohibition era. The immersive experience, including visiting authentic speakeasies, added an extra layer of authenticity. Overall, it was a well-organized tour with attention to detail. Highly recommended!


prohibition tour

I am here with my daughter and son-in-law on a forced vacation due to the war in Israel. My son-in-law, who wanted me to "ventilate" a bit and disconnect from all media channels, arranged for me a special tour with the charming Alin.
Alin, with great knowledge, conducted the tour in a fascinating way in the lower east side of Manhattan, which is a cool area in itself, and enriched my knowledge on the subject, which was very general. I was exposed to special flavors of whiskey (which was never my favorite drink) and that I actually liked! took us to cool bars that operated during prohibition, only underground and the entrance to them was hidden - I won't make a spoiler and reveal how....
Alin, with her radiant personality, thanks to her extensive knowledge and a fascinating tour, managed to completely disconnect me for more than two hours from the events of the war in Israel, and for that, bless you!


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