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Whiskey Club Bergen and Whiskey Club Hoboken meet every 4-6 weeks to taste and learn new expressions and brands. We host a different Brand Ambassador every time, and learn, explore and taste the various expressions they have to offer. So far we had the pleasure of hosting Laphroaig, Bruichladdich, Westland, Barrell, Westward, Kilchoman and many other. 

If you live around the area, you’re invited to join! email me and I will add you to the local group. If you prefer email updates, you can sign up to the Redhead Whiskey newsletter announcing the upcoming events every 5th of the month. 

If you’d like to form a local club, I can help with that too. email me and let’s talk.

whiskey club redhead whiskey kilchoman
whiskey club redhead whiskey bruichladdich
whiskey club redhead whiskey
whiskey club

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