What a fantastic night we had with @simonbrooking of @laphroaig – not less than magical and so very needed! The world is going crazy, my home is in pieces, the hatred is going up – I feel the anger, the tears, in me too, getting wilder – and the ONE THING that keeps me sane, that reminds me we will ALL win TOGETHER, united, is through the ‘Water of Life’ – Whisky. I don’t care what religion, sex, gender, age you are. If we can sit together and enjoy a good drink, that kinda solves 50% of world problems. The rest we can figure out together.

Last week I did just that. We gathered, broken hearted, to sit together, and Simon Brooking of Laphroaig, healed our hearts with a taste and song. Put a bandage on our hearts.

We tried the 10 years, the 10 years sherry oak, the Lore, Cairdeas 2018 and Cairdeas 2023. 

I open up Whisky Club to ANYONE who wants to make this crazy world a better place. As Simon told me “World Peace thro’ whisky one dram at a time” YES!!


laphroaig redhead whiskey
laphroaig redhead whiskey
laphroaig redhead whiskey

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